We’ve committed ourselves as “Smoothie Junkies”  the first time we dropped a ripe banana and a juicy strawberry into our blender we were hooked and the rest is Blue Turtle Express history.  What’s that mean for you?  Simple.  Simple ingredients. Simple healthy snacks.  Simple indulgence. Simply Delicious!  


Why Our Smoothies?

Keeping Our Smoothies


Lots of places use funny names to describe their smoothies. At Blue Turtle Express we keep it simple.  We don’t need to rely on wit.  Our smoothies speak for themselves – right to your taste buds!   Sure, it might be fun to ask for a “Wild Delight Strawanna Extravaganza,” but we believe that if you want to enjoy the natural delight of strawberry and banana, that’s exactly what you should ask for and be exactly what you get! 

At Blue Turtle Express we only use real fruits and vegetables. Our smoothies don’t contain corn syrup.

Organic soy milk enhances the texture and flavor and adds natural protein.