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Lots of places use funny names to describe their smoothies. At Blue Turtle Express we keep it simple.  We don’t need to rely on wit.  Our smoothies speak for themselves – right to your taste buds!   Sure, it might be fun to ask for a “Wild Delight Strawanna Extravaganza,” but we believe that if you want to enjoy the natural delight of strawberry and banana, that’s exactly what you should ask for and be exactly what you get! 

Veggie Smoothies

We take pride in our self-proclaimed title “Smoothie Junkies” the first time we dropped a ripe banana and a juicy strawberry into our blender we were hooked and the rest is Blue Turtle Express history. What’s that mean for you? Simple. Simple ingredients. Simple healthy snacks. Simple indulgence. Simply Delicious!

Our Veggie Smoothies are no exceptions. We take spinach/kale, carrot, oats & flax and blend together an incredible smoothie that gives you a boost of all-natural vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Fit Protein Drinks

Try our most popular Banana Peanut Butter FIT!

SUPERCHARGE your workouts, or just get a little extra lift in your day with a powerful, healthy  FIT PROTEIN DRINK from Blue Turtle Express.  Tasty, filling, and packed with about 26 – 34 grams of Protein is sure to give you that little boost of energy without the empty calories and sugar crash an afternoon candy crutch provides.  This powerful beverage is a go-to refreshment that can get you through the day!  Some of our customers even use them as a low-calorie snack or meal replacement! Choose from our Four Fabulous FIT Flavors: Berry Fit, Vanilla Fit, Super Green Fit, Banana Peanut Butter FIT.

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You can’t rush perfection … so expect to spend a couple of extra minutes while we make a juice just for you.  We hand peel fresh fruits and veggies when you tell us you want them, and not before. Sourced from local markets, we keep our vegetables and fruits fresh and whole until you tell us what you want!  Kale? Celery? Spinach? Cucumber? Cactus? We’re ready. Once you place your order, we select the freshest fare – peel, slice and then extract the goodness in a slow cold-press juicing process that wrings every last drop of not only taste … but healthy goodness, too.

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Shaved Ice

When you just can’t tell if you’re hungry or thirsty.  You want something refreshing … but you want to satisfy your urge to munch.  Where can you turn?  Turn to Blue Turtle Express for a cool, chewable, shippable and ever so satisfying Hawaiian Shave Ice.  Sweet, Sour,  Spicy, a little of each …it’s a melt in your mouth burst of pure refreshment!

Let the tiny slivers of the purest ice, precision-cut to produce the lightest yet most robust startlets of flavor melt on your tongue.

From the traditional flavors like strawberry, cherry, and bubblegum – to the more exotic – like Tiger’s blood, Blue Hawaii, and Ninja Turtle  – you won’t want a day to go by without treating yourself to a refreshing Blue Turtle Express Shave Ice!


What happens when a sweet shaved ice turns to a life of hard spice. It becomes a Diablito! We take that sweet shaved ice and add spicy salsa, chamoy, and tajin and top it with a spicy tamarindo stick to create a highly addictive Sweet, Salty, & Spicy concoction that simply irresistible.


In the spotlight, this slush type beverage has made its mark with real-fruit mango puree, spicy salsa, chamoy, and tajin and topped with a spicy tamarindo stick and real pieces of mango. The fame of this rising star has a fan base all its own. Get on the groupie band wagon and pickup a Mondonada today!

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In the Mood for a plump and juicy All-Beef Polish Hotdog?

Oh, the Joy of biting into a juicy dog wrapped in a sesame seed bun dripping with mustard and ketchup. Wait, what about a juicy dog covered in chili and cheese and sprinkled with onions. Maybe a juicy dog laying next to 3 thick pieces of bacon and hugged by a sesame bun. Ohhhhh Yeahhhh…..


What is it about a basket of chips serving as the perfect vehicle to transport the perfect combination jalapenos and season chips swimming in hot, gooey, delicious nacho cheese?  Who Cares.  It’s the perfect snack!  Don’t you want some now?

Frito Boat

Why are they called Frito Boats? Maybe because those salty, crunchy corn chips that we all love are literally sailing around a pool of hearty, rich, and did we say delicious chili! Top it off with a little cheese and let your taste buds have a par-tay!

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We pride ourselves on the care we put into our Iced Tea. We pamper our Tea from start to finish. We steep our Tea only in premium purified water at the perfect temperature and for the right amount of time. We give our customers an iced tea experience they’ve come to enjoy over and over again. Try a unsweetened tea or a sweet tea over our popular crushed ice for only $1.25 any size at Blue Turtle Express!

Check out our ultra refreshing Fruit Infused Green Tea and Fruit Infused Black Tea.

Try a unsweetened tea or a sweet tea over our popular crushed ice for only $1.25 any size at Blue Turtle Express!

Green Tea

We can’t boast enough on how fantastic we think our Green Tea is! Perfectly steeped in purified water to create a crisp refreshing Green Tea experience that has become a popular beverage at Blue Turtle Express. Don’t just take our word for it, let your tastebuds experience our Real Fruit Infused Green Tea and you too will be hooked!

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There’s no arguing, fancy coffee houses have great stylish coffees & confusing menus. At Blue Turtle Express we focus on making great espresso for lattes & mochas for those who want a basic espresso menu of simple choices that give our customers great tasting, hot, & robust coffee.

On the go? Enjoy a perfect cup of coffee from Keurig. For only $1.25, you can drop in and pick up a fresh cup of on demand coffee that is not only fast but very convenient.

Café Blast

While other call theirs Frappuccino or Frappe we simply call ours Blast. Our Blast beverages are blended with premium espresso or green tea and ice cream to deliver a Blast of flavor you’ll really enjoy over and over again. Check out the Blast!

Ice Coffee

Enjoy an iced coffee from a quality cold brew.

We slowly cold brew our ice coffee in purified water for over 24 hours to extract a rich robust coffee flavor that is not bitter and packed with a kick and a punch of caffine. Just like our tea, we take our cold brew coffee to the next level of quality and commitment to our product and our customers.

Blast & Shakes
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Cookies and Churros

Our delicious cookies are exclusive to Blue Turtle Express. Our cookies are made in-house from scratch using only top quality ingredients and baked daily for a unique cookie experience. Our daily cookie batch run out fast so don’t wait too long or your favorite type of cookie could be gone.

COOKIES: Chocolate Chip, Almond, Oatmeal, Macadamia, Peanut Butter, & M&M

We also have HUGE 16-inch Churros! Our churros are only prepared when ordered, so you can enjoy a Fresh and Hot Churro.

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