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Blue Turtle Express caters to customers with a vision: offering high quality purified water without the burden of an excessive price tag. Our in-house, industrial grade water purification system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure Blue Turtle Express taps provide the highest quality water you can find in — or around — Kerman! Using proven technology, Blue Turtle Express water goes through a vigorous “Reverse Osmosis” process that removes impurities; leaving clean tasting and odor-free fresh. Are you looking for something more than water? Don’t miss our juices, iced tea and amazing smoothies for an incredible mix of healthy and delicious!

.20¢ per gallon:


No more treks to the warehouse store for case after case of little plastic bottles! At .20¢ per gallon, you can get the same high-quality water you get from those expensive home delivery companies. Our self-service purified water system is maintained by our knowledgeable staff throughout the day to ensure you get the highest quality water in a clean and safe environment you and your family deserve. Discover the difference of great tasting purified water and the joy of saving money at Blue Turtle Express.

Stop by today ask questions, sample our water, and decide for yourself.


With a high-pressure bottle-cleaning station right on-site and free for customers to use, it’s easy to keep economical water bottles clean and ready to use! A pristine Fill Station provides the easiest, fastest method for filling a variety of water containers and carts are available to make getting those bottles from the store to your car easy! Pay for the water – not the plastic! And, forget those delivery charges. More fun than a trip to the grocery store and less expensive, too! Come out to the Blue Turtle Express and drink in the savings!

Water is Essential to Life.:

We believe that everyone should have access to clean, clear and contaminant-free water. That’s why we’re here. Our in-house reverse osmosis ultrafiltration system is one way we can be sure that the water our family is drinking is the purest available. And, we want to share that confidence with our neighbors.

Secret Ingredient:

So – you wonder what “secret ingredient” makes Blue Turtle Express smoothies, coffees and snow cones so delicious? Now you know. It’s the water. Blue Turtle Express water. Clean. Pure. Oh So Refreshing! Come in and try it!